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Wholesale Women's Clothing

New Girl offers wholesale women's clothing designed to emphasize the unique spirit within every woman. We bring you the season's trendiest pieces, combining them with quality to deliver a diverse range of options.

Why New Girl?

Quality: Our products are manufactured according to high-quality standards.
Trendy Designs: We keep up with fashion trends and present you with the most popular pieces of the season.
Affordable Prices: We bring quality and affordability together.

Wholesale Clothing in Istanbul
As known, Istanbul is the heart of the clothing and textile industry in Turkey. Especially in women's clothing, the city has become an attractive wholesale hub for national and international buyers. Areas like Merter, Osmanbey, and Laleli are places where wholesale clothing shopping is intensively conducted. These areas offer a wide range of products, from the latest fashion trends to traditional Turkish clothing. Prices are often negotiable, and quality can vary from supplier to supplier. The wholesale clothing market in Istanbul is full of opportunities for both local and foreign entrepreneurs in every way.

Wholesale Clothing Success
The secret to success in the wholesale clothing market lies in diversity and accessibility. In Istanbul, New Girl aims to cater to a wide audience by offering options that suit every taste, style, and budget. This diversity extends not only to designs but also to the quality of fabrics and color options.

During the long years, uniqueness is embedded in New Girl's DNA. The brand is committed to providing collections that make customers feel special and highlight their unique style. Therefore, even businesses engaged in wholesale purchases can offer products that make customers feel as if they were specially designed for them.

In addition, New Girl not only sells products to wholesale customers but also establishes a strong and close business partnership with them. The brand stands by your side as a solution partner in stock management, fast shipping, and competitive pricing. Additionally, it provides marketing support to help retailers develop strategies tailored to their target audiences and maximize sales.

Principally, sustainability is a crucial focus for New Girl. Since its establishment, the brand has taken steps to minimize its ecological footprint and adopt sustainable production methods. This allows consumers to choose New Girl products with peace of mind, knowing that each purchase contributes to a better future for Turkey.

Superior Production Standards
New Girl combines its innovative spirit in the fashion industry with sustainable and ethical production methods to guarantee the quality and elegance of each product. Explore our pursuit of perfection in every stitch.

Our Stock Storage System
Fast, efficient, and reliable: Our stock management is meticulously planned to ensure the timely and complete delivery of each order. We utilize state-of-the-art technology for an uninterrupted supply chain.

Visit Our Store
The New Girl store offers a personalized shopping experience. Create your unique style with the help of our fashion consultants in a space that reflects the taste of every customer.

The New Address for Safe Shopping
New Girl makes your online shopping safe and easy. With strong data encryption, advanced payment options, and a user-friendly interface, your shopping experience has never been this secure.

Smooth Cancellation and Easy Return Policy
Customer satisfaction is our top priority. New Girl's flexible cancellation and return policy provides complete peace of mind for your purchases. You can easily return products without any conditions.

Quality is Our Promise: Superior Product Quality
New Girl combines elegance and durability. Our products are meticulously tested to meet the highest quality standards, ensuring that fashion is experienced effortlessly.

WhatsApp: +90 537 957 34 94

Customer Service: +90 212 504 65 30
Store Address:
Mehmet Nesih Özmen Mahallesi Çınar Sokak No: 40/b Güngören / Istanbul

Instagram: newgirl_turkiye
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